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Marijuana Man

About Marijuana Man 

Max Gold on the surface is your typical recent high school graduate who is about to start his freshman year of college away from home and outside supervision for the first time. The next 18 years Max finds the sweet draw of Marijuana Smoke contagious and uses this new love as an opportunity to become an independent business man and distributor of imported Cannabis. This tale is set against the back drop of some of the most turbulent times in American History, so find yourself a comfortable place to sit or lie, burn one if you've got it and journey back to the time of cheap gas, free love and the beginning of the Brotherhood of Smoke.

About Steve Kravetz   

This book started as an idea in the back of my mind in 1983, but not until an accident in 2010 did the time for pencil to paper become available. The basic book was completed and I sent one copy to my old college Professor and one copy to a relative who was working for a publisher in New York. I went back to work and over the next few months I got feedback from my two readers. After consuming what had been great advice and suggestions I promptly put all the copies in a book bag and placed it in the closet. It stayed there until July 2015. My wife of 28 years, became very ill and over the next several months spent much more time in the hospital. Her thoughts were related as such, "Steve this book is our past and now our future. So get off your ass and finish the damn book". Today is it's birth so I hope you enjoy it. I know she would have.